3 Ways to Transform Your Garden into a Zen Space

Have you ever sat outside and just felt the stresses and strains of life lift from your shoulders? Whether you’ve had a stressful day or just prefer your own company every now and again, just simply being outside and breathing in fresh air can turn your mood around in an instant. However, you don’t have to wander too far to experience the relaxation of the outdoors – why not transform a part of your garden into the perfect zen space? Build a rockery If you are familiar with zen philosophy, Read more [...]
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Winter Travel Tips For The Holiday Season

We’ve all heard our fair share of winter holiday travel stories. Mostly due to the fact that winter travel can be even more stressful than usual. When it comes to making the most out of holiday travel there are some things you can do to make things go as smooth as possible, even when the traffic isn’t all that great. Here are some great holiday travel tips to get you through the busy holiday season. What To Take On The Open Road There are a few things you should take on the open road to make Read more [...]

5 Must Have Fashion Items for 2018

2018 has only just started and most stores are finally ending their January sales. Thank goodness! Now all of last years stock has been sold off, we can finally start shopping for beautiful, new clothes and jewellery in the latest trends. Keep reading to discover 5 must have fashion items for 2018. 1. Colour is Important No matter what your personal style is (high-fashion, casual, chic etc.), it’s not the shape that you wear, but the colour that’s so important in 2018. Get your colours right Read more [...]

Bobbi’s Guide to Colour Correcting

Colour correcting is a way for a woman to make her skin look flawless at any time of the year, any time of the day. A lot of beautiful women have different colour issues in their skin, like hyperpigmentation. By colour correcting, you can make your face look like you really do have even skin—a true “no-makeup makeup” look. Anyone can learn how to colour correct—so let the experts teach you the basics, the Bobbi Brown way: Bobbi's Guide to Colour Correcting Yellow-toned skin makeup can Read more [...]

Revolutionise Your Sleeping Experience

Proper sleep is an absolute essential part of living a healthy, happy life. Without a full night of restful sleep, you can’t feel your best the next day. Long-term poor sleep could make you more prone to catching viruses and infections, more depressed, and more easily affected by stress and anxiety. Luckily, there are ways to boost the quality of your sleep without knocking yourself out with sleeping tablets. Follow these steps to transform the way you sleep at night. Invest in a better mattress. Read more [...]
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3 Essentials for Your Winter Wardrobe

The cold winter weather has arrived, and the shops are packed with delightful, warm styles. If you’re unsure how best to update your wardrobe ready for the cold winter days in a smart and stylish way, keep reading! This article is full of inspiration with three of our season's favourites from the Danish fashion brand Masai, which you can find at www.masai.co.uk right now. Masai is known for its comfortable and feminine clothes that emphasise your figure. Beautiful and Stylish Tulip Dresses The Read more [...]

The Future of Made to Measure Suits – There’s an App for That!

In the stores of the future you will always have your size: you will be your own tailor! Welcome to the world of 3D manufacturing - do it yourself - tailored clothing with just a photo, an 'app' and a 'smartphone'. Your next walk to the shopping centre might be virtual, from home, although using the appropriate technology. What’s happening These stores are virtual, and fit on a memory stick. In them you can buy any product you can imagine and now, also, make it. Clearly this will forever change Read more [...]
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Make Texas Your Next Stop: 5 Reasons This Great State is Worth a Visit

Quality Family Time Texas is vast (it’s the second largest state in the USA) so is great for families of explorers to escape to together and make lifetime memories. There is something to do for everyone, from the youngest kids to the grandparents! There are plenty of theme parks and waterparks to choose from for the thrill seekers, swimming with dolphins, SeaWorld and plenty of zoos for the animal lovers and an astonishing amount of galleries and museums to visit for a more peaceful day. You Read more [...]

Trendy Cocktail Rings: Their Grandiose History

The number of US searches for luxury cocktail rings has risen in January 2017. While it’s slowly going down after a month, there’s no doubt that it will increase again in the next years. Why? It’s because cocktail rings are a recurring fashion trend. They’ve been around for about a century. Have you ever asked yourself who started the trend for cocktail rings? If so, here’s a short history of these glamorous fashion items. A Symbol of Independence In the 1920s, women started to Read more [...]

3 Simple Tips for Dressing Like a French Woman

There’s little doubt that the French lead the way when it comes to effortless, modern style, and it would seem everyone wants to be able to add that Gallic chic look to their wardrobe. So much so that fashion blogs around the globe are filled with posts on ‘how to dress French’. But how accurate are these pieces of advice? We’ve had a look through numerous articles and it would seem that many are simply retelling myths many people hold about French women and how they dress, and many are Read more [...]