Have You Suffered an Injury Due to a Beauty Treatment? What You Need to Know

Beauty salons and spas are everywhere and offer everything from eyebrow waxing or threading to Botox treatments. And whilst many treatments are readily available, the sad fact is that not many of these are sufficiently regulated. In essence, anyone with a bit of standard training can perform a complex beauty treatment – so if they are not entirely sure how to handle products or chemicals, they can seriously injure customers. If you have suffered an injury – be it hair damage, a burn or scald, Read more [...]

All Teeth Whitening Products Are Not Created Equal – Choose from the Best

Exactly how important is your smile? Most of us want whiter, brighter teeth but unfortunately, not all teeth whitening products are created equal. Some work and some don’t do much of anything at all except drain your wallet. Others work but are not the safest products on the market. So, if you are looking for a dental whitening product that really works, is safe for your teeth and is cost effective, you can choose from products reviewed on based on what has proven to be safe and Read more [...]

Replaying the 11 Strange Purse Trends Our Mind Is Possessed With

In the early 2000’s, many questionable trends hit the market like silky capris, asymmetrical skirts, cropped crochet sweaters and some others as well. But there was nothing as shocking as the awkward eccentric purses that came by, when the millennium broke. The sight of these purses only makes us scratch our heads in bamboozlement but quite frankly, we are also guilty of twirling them around the town. If in early 2000’s you were the youngster, then you must have come across these pieces as Read more [...]
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Know the Difference: The Many Types of Dentists Today

You know you need to go to the dentist, but which one? Did you know that there are many different kinds of dental experts? Here is a list of the different doctors you can see and when you should see them. The General Dentist Of the 143,000 dentists in North America, about 80% of them are generalists. This is who you would normally see for routine dental care. They actually do several different services, including preventative services, restorative services, cosmetic procedures, and overall Read more [...]

Stretch Your Budget: Getting a Discount on Just About Everything You Buy Online

The millions of websites on the Internet don’t make it any easier to keep money in your pocket.  Just about any desired good or service is a few convenient clicks away.  However, you don’t have to pay retail prices for the things you want.  Stretch your budget by finding discounts and coupons online.  If you’re diligent and clever, it’s likely that you can find savings on everything you buy online. Abandon the Shopping Cart Brands are savvy about using cookies.  Most retailer sites Read more [...]

A Curious Curve: Farsightedness and Your Precious Eyes

It’s pretty cool, right? You have vision like a hawk. You can see perfectly far away. In fact, the farther, the better. The problem is you can’t read without getting a headache or without having to squint. It’s weird. Things up close should be easy to read, shouldn’t they? Yes, they should. But, you may have a condition called “hyperopia.” Here’s what you need to know about it. The Causes No one really understands the root cause of hyperopia, but current research suggests that Read more [...]

5 Awesome Outdoor Hobbies for Active Women

The great outdoor is the home of mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, ocean deeps, and much, much more. But you don't always have to leave the city behind when you pick up an outdoor hobby. Outdoor hobbies are great for physical and mental health, and get you out of the house. But which outdoor activities are the best for women who want the most out of their free time? Here are some you should consider: Backpacking Travel down forgotten trails. Feel the sweat on your brow, the dirt under booted Read more [...]

Some Essential Tips to Help You Choose the Best Window Treatment

Every home is unique. This is because the people who live in it all have different tastes and they will design their home in different ways. By choosing blinds, they can create an individual touch to their home, creating a look that is practical, tasteful and pleasing on the eye. Blinds, as such, are real home décor enhancers, while at the same time being really practice. This is because they control light and privacy and help you to insulate your property, thereby lowering your carbon footprint. Read more [...]

How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Everybody knows that it is important to regularly see the dentist for proper dental care. However, many of us don’t have our regular checkups because of fear of the dentist. You are not alone in this, but the reality is also that if you don’t do something about it, your teeth and oral hygiene will suffer for it. But how do you address a fear of the dentist? The first and most important thing is that you find an Aetna dentist in Clinton MD that you trust and feel comfortable with, and who understands Read more [...]

Stem Cells May Be Used Abroad, but You Must Be Weary of Them

Stem cell research is still in its infancy. It is giving hope to people with ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, but a cure is not quite there yet. Illnesses that are being cured with stem cells right now are only found in labs, on mice and rats. That is not say stem cell treatment isn’t being used yet, but it isn’t approved yet for the curing of complex, chronic medical conditions. In our country, whenever a new drug or treatment is developed, it has to go through stringent selection Read more [...]