Tips for Popping the Question: How to Set the Scene for the Perfect Proposal

If you ask any married woman about the most important moments in her life, chances are that she will discuss, in detail, the day she was proposed to. From the ring to the location, she is likely to leave nothing untold.  A proposal is a life-changing moment, so you want to make the moment is as memorable as possible and of course, avoid a proposal disaster. In order to pull off a storybook proposal, the timing, venue, and the type of ring you choose to express your love are all of great importance. Just remember, this is a story she will tell over and over again at her bridal shower, during wedding anniversaries, and family gatherings. Continue reading Tips for Popping the Question: How to Set the Scene for the Perfect Proposal

Moving in Bad Weather?

Moving is no easy task. Moving when bad weather is on the horizon can be exhausting. Even the best moving plans can run into serious complications when the weather unexpectedly goes south. But taking time out of your day to address potential hurdles you may be face, such as rain or snow, can help you avoid a costly disaster. Because there’s nothing worse than getting your furniture or other prized belongings wet, keep an eye on this checklist to make sure your belongings get to your new home dry and in one piece.  Continue reading Moving in Bad Weather?

Perfect Prom tips for you

In the US and increasingly in the UK and Canada PROM is a short term used for promenade which is a semi-formal dance or gathering of high school students. At prom a Prom queen and a Prom king may be revealed. Similar events take place in many other parts of the world including Australia where they call this “Formal” and “grad” instead of prom. Here are some tips below for you upcoming prom


  • Start dress shopping 3 months in advance so that you will have plenty of time to choose your dress and check if its comfortable to you. You can still exchange for a better one if you feel its not the right one for you. People usually wear short prom dresses now days for their prom.
  • You need to work on your Hair, Nails, limo and hotel rooms etc. so that the spots don’t get fixed. Get a facial done three days before the prom so that you have some time to heal.
  • Ask tips from your seniors on how to perform well in the prom as they would really have some great ideas.
  • Try to find the perfect date for you before he or she gets engaged with someone else.
  • Gather a good amount of money from your parents for purchasing make ups and other accessories and try to be unique and don’t copy others.
  • Visit a professional who can give you plenty of tips on how to dress or get ready for your prom.
  • Learn good moves for your prom and don’t embarrass your partner.
  • Buy the tickets as soon as possible before it gets sold out.
  • Make sure your stuffs are in your hand before a week.
  • Polish your jewelry or buy better ones.
  • Confirm all your appointments two days before your prom to avoid mix ups.
  • Prepare a list for your after party.
  • Charge your cell phones, power banks and your cameras.
  • On the day of prom wake up early and finish your beauty parlor appointments and your make ups.
  • Wait for the vehicle to arrive at the pickup point and enjoy your prom!

Great Holiday Gifts for Men

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for a special man in your life? Though the holidays are getting closer, you still have plenty of time to find the perfect gift he will love. Men are typically harder to shop for than women, but there are some great holiday gifts ideas you can put together to ensure your man is opening up his presents with a smile! Here is a look at five great holiday gifts that are perfect for any man.  Continue reading Great Holiday Gifts for Men

Dressing Smart: How To Tackle Dressing for Interviews

imagesLooking good for an interview is important and everybody knows it. However, what if you cannot fit into your previous ‘fancy’ work clothes or if you simply can’t afford them? Do not fret, for there are quite a few budget oriented tips for looking sharp and stylish during an interview.

  • Intelligent Accessorizing

A very simple way to wear the look of a sheer professional despite having a shoe string budget would be accessorize intelligently. An accessory which is the right accent piece shows that you know how to put together a dress in a tasteful manner and even if your interviewers figure out that it’s not an expensive accessory, they’ll be impressed with your resourcefulness. First of all, spend money on a very good pair of shoes.

Don’t needlessly spend money on expensive shoes which are new in fashion. Instead, go for a good pair of leather shoes colored in a neutral tone which primarily, suits the outfit that you have. While you may have to pay more money than you would normally pay, bear in mind that those shoes will probably last much longer than cheaper ones and thus, you get a return on your investment eventually.

Women should include scarves, earrings, necklaces and handbags or briefcases in their lists of accessories that would matter. Men should get a good tie and a belt and other things such as pocket squares and good briefcases.

  • The Closet Raid

Before you start spending money to and fro buying things to make you look good for your interview, go through your closet.

Of course, you may think that the clothes there are old and not really fashionable now but with a few alterations, such as changes to hems of skirts and jacket lengths, old suits can change dramatically and offer a completely different style.

  • Discount Shopping

While shopping for new clothes for your interview, it is important to shop smart. No reason to go to boutique stores, instead, head to discount designer stores. You will be able to purchase clothes of good quality as well as save money through the discounts. You could also head to outlet stores too. If you’ve just completed a 2 year MBA from Gurgaon or Mumbai or elsewhere, money is not going to be rolling in. It’s good to be smart and sharp with how you spend as well.

There are many people who are learned in the art of shopping and they visit high end stores during off seasons and sales in order to get items at knock off prices. There are also stores which sell ‘sparsely used’ clothes. These consignment shops and vintage boutiques are good places to find something to wear for your interview for cheap. If you’re living in big city, then see if you can find a suit rental service around you.

  • Choose Smart

While picking your suits, choose basic colours such as navy blue, black, grey or brown. You can mix and match with these colors for as long you want. You can wear a navy blue jacket with grey slacks and grey jackets with navy blue skirts. You get a new look with no additional expenses.

  • Fit is First

What matters most is the fit of what you wear. It does not matter of the wardrobe is new or old, the clothes should fit you properly. People have often said that tailors are like surgeons, one should always have one available.

A long sleeve can make a jacket look oversized and drown you in it. You could get the buttons changed to offer a new look and style. Pay special attention to the hems of pants and skirts and ask the good tailor where he thinks they should fall for you. You should take your dress shoes with you to fitting. These will be minor alterations which will improve your wardrobe and not cost you too much.

Interviews are a lot about how you prepare for them and how you set up mentally. You should be self assured and confident. Dressing well will make you confident and will give your self esteem a boost making sure that you are in the correct mind set for the interview. These are a few things that even 2 years in an MBA college in Gurgaon won’t teach you.


Angela Walker is a free lance writer who focuses on career development and other allied fields. She has worked with graduates and candidates appearing for interviews and has coached them on their interviewing skills. Regardless of whether you’ve completed a two year MBA from Gurgaon or a three year bachelors degree from somewhere else, contact Angela for advice on interviewing.

Selecting the Right Dental Implant Clinic

Dentures, bridges and crowns were the only options that people could consider previously when they broke or cracked a tooth. Nevertheless, it was becoming clear that none of these alternatives were wholly useful and beneficial for people so people wanted another alternative. The introduction of dental implants provided individuals with a sound and healthier alternative. Implants are basically artificial teeth replacements that can be placed permanently in the mouth and cannot be distinguished from natural teeth by an untrained eye.

Continue reading Selecting the Right Dental Implant Clinic

Before Embarking on New Home Construction: 5 Things You Should Know

There are two ways you can go when it comes to purchasing a brand new home. You can either buy into a building phase of planned tract homes or you can find a piece of land you love and hire a builder to create your custom home from scratch. Either way, you’re going to face some challenges that most home buyers never have to think about. Here are a few things you should know before you decide on new home construction. Continue reading Before Embarking on New Home Construction: 5 Things You Should Know

Music Boxes In Pop Culture & Movies

Have you ever noticed all the places that you see a music box? There have been a number of different movies throughout the years where music boxes appear, and they cover all different styles, designs, and types of boxes. Some people think that the only kinds of movies where they show music boxes are horror films. Although it might seem this way, this is not true. Not only this, but music boxes actually have an incredibly long and rich history. Continue reading Music Boxes In Pop Culture & Movies

How to Select Best Data Plan/Broadband Plan

Are you looking for the best data plan? Having internet at home on your personal devices has now become the norm for everyone. Smartphones and PCs are just some examples of the devices that can be used to surf the internet.

Before making a decision over which internet provider to choose, you should take a number things into consideration, such as ; customer care, roaming availability, dongles, price, signal, speed and whether you want mobile or secure internet. There a number of different packages available also for those who use the internet all the time to those who sparingly use it.


Secure or mobility: You have a wide range of suppliers to choose from if you opt for mobile internet. If you want secure broadband, then you will only have a few suppliers to pick from. However, the advantage with secure wired broadband is that you will receive a faster connection. But the downside is that it will only be usable within a certain radius of the receiver. If you choose mobile broadband then you will be able to use it anywhere. That’s why it is so important to initially choose how you would like to use your internet as this will ultimately decide which plan you go for.

Rapidity of Internet: If you choose an internet broadband plan on a copper cable you will roughly receive speeds of around 24 Mbps. A secure wireless broadband plan with a FTTH connection will give you a high speed data connection of approximately 100 Mbps. Laptops and computers are the only device that can receive a 4G connection and is exclusively available on a dongle. However, they can reach speeds of 100Mbps but it is currently only available from certain providers and in the most populated areas. Laptops, computers and smartphones are all able to connect to the 3G data plan and currently offers speeds of up to 56 Mbps. Mobile phones are generally connected to either the 2G or 2.5G network and can reach speeds of around 256Kbps. Therefore, when you are choosing your data plan you will need to take into consideration, what speed you want and what devices you want to use it on.

System Availability: As mentioned above the 4G network is only available in selected areas. The 2G network is available almost universally and the 3G network is available to all those who have a compatible device. So it is important to know if your device and your location have these networks before choosing your data plan.

Best Data Plan For Money: Obviously the main factor when it comes to choosing your data plan will be price. As 2G isn’t very advanced, you won’t be able to use your mobile or PC to watch movies. However, on all other networks you can, therefore the 3G network is currently the most popular. As 2G is slower, naturally is it a cheap data plan and 3G is more expensive. So the speed of the connection you require will determine the price of the data plan.

Type of Data Plan: The length of time you want the data plan will also determine the price. You won’t get a cheap broadband plan on a long contract. However, it is better to have extended use incorporated into your contract as you don’t want to be charged extra for excessive usage. Therefore, you should opt for an unrestricted contract. However, it is important to note that an unrestricted contract is not necessarily unrestricted. It has been reported that people on unrestricted contacts have reported their speeds slowing down once they near their data limit. There is also the option of taking a post-paid or prepaid contract. As the names suggest a post-paid contract is when you are billed after usage, usually on a monthly basis. A prepaid is when you pay for you data plan in advance, and once you reach your limit you won’t be able to access the internet.

Travelling: If you travel to different countries a lot, it is important to know you are going to get coverage when you are abroad. Most providers will charge you extra to use your data plan in another country. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your data plan if you go visiting you relations overseas a lot, for example.

Dongle: If you would like a dongle, you can receive your data plan via a dongle. Whatever data plan you choose, you will receive that speed on the dongle. Most providers will tell you that a dongle can reach speeds of 21.6Mbps, which is true. However, if you choose a 2Mbps data plan then that is going to be the speed on your dongle.

Client Care: Whether you choose a mobile or fixed broadband connection, you want to be sure that you will receive good customer care from your provider. Mobile providers are generally better as they fix most problems immediately.

So before choosing your data you should examine each provider against all of the criteria described above. Once you are completely satisfied with one provider then you can get your data plan.

The current marketplace has many mobile providers and therefore it is sensible to take your time to pick the best data plan and not have trouble later because you didn’t check their services.