While a lot of us want to lose our belly fat and muffin tops for aesthetic reasons and rock that bikini in the beach, the real concern is the underlying health implications, which can be dangerous and life-threatening. The visceral fat, which surrounds our liver and other vital organs releases various fatty acids, inflammatory agents and hormones which leads to various health complications. If one has excess visceral fat, he or she is more susceptible to chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, Read more [...]

Small Steps Toward a Healthier Life

Increasingly busy schedules and demanding careers often make a healthy lifestyle feel impossible. If you’ve been struggling to find ways to live a healthier life while balancing other obligations, here are some tips to help you along the way. Make Smoothies for Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it gets your metabolism fired up and provides you with fuel to power through your morning. Skipping breakfast is detrimental to your metabolism, and you’ll probably feel Read more [...]

Have You Suffered an Injury Due to a Beauty Treatment? What You Need to Know

Beauty salons and spas are everywhere and offer everything from eyebrow waxing or threading to Botox treatments. And whilst many treatments are readily available, the sad fact is that not many of these are sufficiently regulated. In essence, anyone with a bit of standard training can perform a complex beauty treatment – so if they are not entirely sure how to handle products or chemicals, they can seriously injure customers. If you have suffered an injury – be it hair damage, a burn or scald, Read more [...]
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Know the Difference: The Many Types of Dentists Today

You know you need to go to the dentist, but which one? Did you know that there are many different kinds of dental experts? Here is a list of the different doctors you can see and when you should see them. The General Dentist Of the 143,000 dentists in North America, about 80% of them are generalists. This is who you would normally see for routine dental care. They actually do several different services, including preventative services, restorative services, cosmetic procedures, and overall Read more [...]

A Curious Curve: Farsightedness and Your Precious Eyes

It’s pretty cool, right? You have vision like a hawk. You can see perfectly far away. In fact, the farther, the better. The problem is you can’t read without getting a headache or without having to squint. It’s weird. Things up close should be easy to read, shouldn’t they? Yes, they should. But, you may have a condition called “hyperopia.” Here’s what you need to know about it. The Causes No one really understands the root cause of hyperopia, but current research suggests that Read more [...]

Stem Cells May Be Used Abroad, but You Must Be Weary of Them

Stem cell research is still in its infancy. It is giving hope to people with ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, but a cure is not quite there yet. Illnesses that are being cured with stem cells right now are only found in labs, on mice and rats. That is not say stem cell treatment isn’t being used yet, but it isn’t approved yet for the curing of complex, chronic medical conditions. In our country, whenever a new drug or treatment is developed, it has to go through stringent selection Read more [...]

The Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Your Love Life

People who are morbidly obese tend not to have a love life either, or at least not a physical one. This has been confirmed by various social studies as well. This isn’t, however, about whether or not someone who is obese can get a date, while it is certainly true that they find it more difficult. Unfortunately, we live in a judgmental society and only very few will look past the exterior. Additionally, the mainstream media tells us that obesity is wrong and all of this leads to a very unsuccessful Read more [...]