Decorating a rental home – is it possible to add your own personal touches?

Many people are in an unfortunate position when it comes to property these days. Buying a home is often out of reach thanks to soaring property prices, meaning that renting a home is the only alternative. The problem with renting is that often the place in which you live never actually feels like home because you are not allowed to stamp your personality on the décor. How can you decorate to make your rental home feel like home?


Making it personal

You can get around your landlord’s decorating restrictions to decorate your rental property in a manner that is more personal to you. It is almost always the case that it is forbidden for you to alter the fixtures and fittings of your rental home without losing your deposit, so your personality is going to have to come out with artwork and standalone objects.

However, you may find that your restrictions are not as severe as you imagine. Some landlords are prepared to negotiate or compromise on the amount of decorating you can undertake. A reliable letting agent, such as Harry Dhaliwal, could prove invaluable in arranging these kinds of negotiations. Such an agent understands the desires of would-be tenants and has a good relationship with landlords, so he can obtain a rental agreement that satisfies both parties.

If you like the idea of patterned or colourful wallpaper to add character to otherwise bare walls, you could paper plywood panels and simply lean them against a wall. This has the advantage of being relatively cheap and easy to change should your taste alter. Alternatively, you could try vinyl wall stickers. Despite sticking to walls, they do not damage paintwork, so your landlord will not complain.

Most rental properties have one thing in common – they lack storage space. This is where bookcases and other types of shelving units or drawer units come in very handy. If plain wood is just a little too plain, you could add some character by painting or wallpapering the back panel of the bookcase, or stencilling different designs onto the drawer fronts.

Some of the changes you make could be temporary, such as changing the handles on cabinets and doors. In the kitchen, for example, you could have quite a basic, functional look for your fitted cabinets, but this can be enhanced by adding some stylish, contrasting handles. This décor trick has the benefit of the handles being your property for use elsewhere, and it is also easy to change back to the original handles when you move out.

Do not underestimate the power of soft furnishings. You can add colour and personality through your choice of cushion covers or throws, bed linen and window dressings. Finally, consider your light fittings. Whilst you cannot move these around, you do get to choose the type of shades you have in your lounge or bedroom. Invest in statement pendant lamps, and remember to use table lamps to create different levels of lighting.

Your rental home does not need to feel like a hotel room. Bring a little of your personality into your rental space with statement standalone furniture and eye-catching patterns.

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