Ladies: What your watch says about you

Watches and Personality

It is commonly said that a woman’s personality can be dictated by the type of watch she is wearing. More women wear watches these days regardless of the fact that clocks can be found everywhere including on phones and tablets. A watch is known for telling the time of the day, but it is more than that today. It is currently termed as the ultimate luxury. Watches come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the luxury watches can be very costly. The wristwatch is seen as a trend-transcending style and status symbol. Wristwatches have currently become a popular item among women. There is a watch for every type of woman.


The Stainless steel timepiece is a watch that has gained a lot of popularity among women. This watch is termed as the rare catch. It is only affordable to the rich. It is a versatility master and comes in different styles including TAG Heuer’s Carrera and Carteir Ballon Bleu. TAG Heuer’s Carrera can either be worn with official or casual clothes. This type of watch can be worn by women who are more conservative. Anyone else can also wear it. This type of watch is worth the investment. It gives you a status and makes you look classy.


A gold bracelet watch such as Chanel’s rectangular-faced Premier or Bulgari’s serpentine Catene can give a woman the retro glamor and classy look. This type of watch can be worn with an evening gown or a white blouse. It also comes out tastefully when worn with wide-legged pants and a blazer. This watch makes a woman stand out. It has been worn by some boldfaced women including artist Cindy Sherman and designer Carolina Herrera. A gold bracelet watch can also be worn with casual or official clothes.


The leather wrap band watch is another type of watch that is more casual. This kind of watch can be worn when you want the cool and relaxed feel. Many women have fallen in love with this type of watch. It comes in many different styles. Cape Cod by Hermes is a popular leather wrap band watch that has been worn by women such as Princess Beatrice and Gwyneth Paltrow. The leather wrap watch comes in different colors. Many women prefer the neutral colors. This type of watch can be worn with an all-black outfit or any other type of clothing.


The oversized chronograph resembles a borrowed watch from your boyfriend. It is another popular and trending watch for women. This watch technically belongs to the man’s world. This type of watch is the sultriest of all watches. Styles of this type of watch include an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Rolex Daytona. It is worn by women who want to exude power and look attractive at the same time. Women like Victoria Beckham and Sofia Vergara are known to prefer this type of watch. This oversized chronograph comes out well when worn with menswear-inspired shirts with a few buttons left undone strategically.


A watch says a lot about you. It may change the way people approach or relate with you. A watch tells whether you are approachable or not. A watch can also tell whether you come from the high or casual society. It is important for women to find the right type of watches that match their lifestyle and personality. Look for a type of watch that will speak positivity about you and also one that matches the style of clothes you wear. People will mostly judge you by the type of your watch. Shop for watches wisely.


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