Tips for Popping the Question: How to Set the Scene for the Perfect Proposal

If you ask any married woman about the most important moments in her life, chances are that she will discuss, in detail, the day she was proposed to. From the ring to the location, she is likely to leave nothing untold.  A proposal is a life-changing moment, so you want to make the moment is as memorable as possible and of course, avoid a proposal disaster. In order to pull off a storybook proposal, the timing, venue, and the type of ring you choose to express your love are all of great importance. Read more [...]

Great Holiday Gifts for Men

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for a special man in your life? Though the holidays are getting closer, you still have plenty of time to find the perfect gift he will love. Men are typically harder to shop for than women, but there are some great holiday gifts ideas you can put together to ensure your man is opening up his presents with a smile! Here is a look at five great holiday gifts that are perfect for any man.  A Proper Jacket The holiday season brings with it plenty of windy Read more [...]

Dressing Smart: How To Tackle Dressing for Interviews

Looking good for an interview is important and everybody knows it. However, what if you cannot fit into your previous ‘fancy’ work clothes or if you simply can’t afford them? Do not fret, for there are quite a few budget oriented tips for looking sharp and stylish during an interview. Intelligent Accessorizing A very simple way to wear the look of a sheer professional despite having a shoe string budget would be accessorize intelligently. An accessory which is the right accent piece Read more [...]

Music Boxes In Pop Culture & Movies

Have you ever noticed all the places that you see a music box? There have been a number of different movies throughout the years where music boxes appear, and they cover all different styles, designs, and types of boxes. Some people think that the only kinds of movies where they show music boxes are horror films. Although it might seem this way, this is not true. Not only this, but music boxes actually have an incredibly long and rich history. Music Boxes In Horror Movies: You may remember Read more [...]

Online Intrigue Turns to Real Life Disappointment

The story I’m about to share is entirely true. It’s not my finest moments and unfortunately, I wish I could say things turned out differently. Looking back, I wish things had turned out differently. I had been a member of a fairly popular dating site for a while. I’ve had my fair share of connections and many (read: all) of them didn’t amount to anything—sometimes lewd comments, no chemistry between either party; or there wasn’t any interest in pursuing anything more than a few Read more [...]

Tips for a Great Online Dating Profile

While it was once seen as an unusual way to meet new people, online dating has become one of the world’s most popular methods of finding a new partner and developing meaningful relationships with others. But with so many people opting to sign up to dating sites in the hope of finding Mr or Mrs Right, how can you make your profile stand out? Here are our top online dating profile tips to make your personal CV a success... Put a Recent Picture On Your Profile   One of the most Read more [...]