Perfect Prom tips for you

In the US and increasingly in the UK and Canada PROM is a short term used for promenade which is a semi-formal dance or gathering of high school students. At prom a Prom queen and a Prom king may be revealed. Similar events take place in many other parts of the world including Australia where they call this “Formal” and “grad” instead of prom. Here are some tips below for you upcoming prom Start dress shopping 3 months in advance so that you will have plenty of time to choose your Read more [...]

Pick-up Lines Are the Lazy Man’s Way Out

If you’re out at the bar and you spot a woman that you’d like to talk to, what is your first thing that you’ll say to her? If it is some tired excuse for a pick-up line that’s been used by millions of men across the world—stop. Don’t even open your mouth. This may sound harsh, but I’m saving you from potentially humiliating yourself and ruining your chances with having a real conversation with the lady. Let’s be honest here. Pick-up lines rarely, if ever, work. You have to be Read more [...]

Tips for a Great Online Dating Profile

While it was once seen as an unusual way to meet new people, online dating has become one of the world’s most popular methods of finding a new partner and developing meaningful relationships with others. But with so many people opting to sign up to dating sites in the hope of finding Mr or Mrs Right, how can you make your profile stand out? Here are our top online dating profile tips to make your personal CV a success... Put a Recent Picture On Your Profile   One of the most Read more [...]

How to Be Successful in Modeling career?

The dream of modeling in leading commercials can make you think about it and create the most beautiful situations you could ever imagine. Many young girls in their teen may engage in the imagination of becoming successful models because they wish to come in the limelight, they want to become a celebrity. By joining this industry they can do all those things, which is impossible for an ordinary girl to do like wearing the world class clothing and hiring a personal makeup man or people flocking to Read more [...]