3 Essentials for Your Winter Wardrobe

The cold winter weather has arrived, and the shops are packed with delightful, warm styles. If you’re unsure how best to update your wardrobe ready for the cold winter days in a smart and stylish way, keep reading! This article is full of inspiration with three of our season’s favourites from the Danish fashion brand Masai, which you can find at www.masai.co.uk right now. Masai is known for its comfortable and feminine clothes that emphasise your figure.

Beautiful and Stylish Tulip Dresses
The tulip shape dress is one of Masai’s most popular items. Not just in the winter but season after season, as it accentuates your feminine figure in an elegant way. The dress is close fitting over the chest, flairs out over your torso and then curves in at the bottom. Furthermore, it’s comfy, warm and incredibly easy to wear: for Christmas parties pair it with a simple necklace or a scarf. And for on the cold winters days, you can pair it with a wonderful, soft cardigan over the top. It’s relaxed, feminine and stylish all at once.

Long Knit Cardigan

A lovely, warm cardigan is always nice to snuggle in when the cold hits – and it can be worn for the rest of the year too. Go for a long cardigan that’s cosy and made of a high-quality fabric like wool or mohair that can keep you warm throughout the winter. A long cardigan is great with a pair of skinny trousers for a classic and modern look. For a more relaxed look, combine it with loose jeans or a loose t-shirt. A cardigan is also a good way to breathe a little colour into your Autumn wardrobe. A beautiful dusty pink dress, for example, exudes a pretty, feminine look; by adding a grey or black cardigan you bring tranquillity, simplicity and professionalism to your style. Cardigans give you a wealth of opportunities for mixing and matching.

Soft and Warm Scarves

A nice scarf is not to be turned down at the coldest time of the year. Go for a soft and warm scarf in pure wool or silk that feels like a dream to wear. Depending on your personal style, you can choose a subtle coloured, neutral scarf or a beautiful, bold pattern. Regardless, the scarf is the last detail that completes your look. Wear it to the side of your neck with a loose knot, wrap it casually around, or leave it draping down for flattering look.

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