3 Simple Tips for Dressing Like a French Woman

There’s little doubt that the French lead the way when it comes to effortless, modern style, and it would seem everyone wants to be able to add that Gallic chic look to their wardrobe. So much so that fashion blogs around the globe are filled with posts on ‘how to dress French’.

But how accurate are these pieces of advice? We’ve had a look through numerous articles and it would seem that many are simply retelling myths many people hold about French women and how they dress, and many are filled with out-of-date advice (or they’re just plain wrong). So, to stop you standing out among the locals next time to take a trip to France, here are 3 simple tips for dressing like a French woman:

You don’t always need to wear heels

Many people seem to think that French women wear heels everyday, regardless of the destination or purpose. But that’s simply not true, with French women being very fond of their flats. This is particularly true in places like Paris, where the locals need to walk a lot. Ultimately comfort plays an important role here, so don’t feel like you need to be rocking 5-inch heels wherever you go, and instead pack some comfortable flat shoes, or some black ballet flats if you really want to feel French.

Choose a neutral colour scheme

The French are fond of simplicity, and it’s usually reflected in their wardrobes. Go for a neutral colour scheme, with plenty of tonal shades, blues, whites, greys, tans and black. Generally you won’t see many bright, garish colours on French streets, with the locals instead choosing to keep things simple and elegant.

Lose the cotton underwear

You might initially think this is a myth, but French women simply don’t wear the comfy cotton underwear many Brits and Americans are so familiar with. Instead, they opt for sexy, lacy underwear whatever the occasion. It’s more to do with confidence than anything else, and wearing underwear like this allows French woman to feel sexy, confident and empowered, and it’s something that’s passed down through generations of women.

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