5 Awesome Outdoor Hobbies for Active Women

The great outdoor is the home of mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, ocean deeps, and much, much more. But you don’t always have to leave the city behind when you pick up an outdoor hobby. Outdoor hobbies are great for physical and mental health, and get you out of the house. But which outdoor activities are the best for women who want the most out of their free time? Here are some you should consider:


Travel down forgotten trails. Feel the sweat on your brow, the dirt under booted feet, and the soft breeze on your cheek. Camp under the stars on the banks of glacier lakes, or fall asleep with the gurgle of a river. No matter where you hike, nature will calm your mind. The benefits, of backpacking, is two fold—not only is the hike a healthy physical strain, but the stillness nature provides helps you unwind and disconnect from your typical busy and over-booked life.


The hunt is an adrenaline filled activity that gets you out of your regular routine. But before you grab your rifle or shotgun and hit the road, make sure you look up the specific permits for your state. Take the hunting safety and firearm handlers courses required, so you can hunt effectively and safely. For the best gear, attire, and firearms, on the market, consider Cabela’s, which is a one stop shop for all your game hunting needs.


Cycling is a dynamic outdoor hobby because of the varieties and differences between types of bicycles. Road rides take you through the scenic parts of a city and last no longer than an afternoon, while mountain bikers take a day or two and hit mountain trails. Touring cyclists load up their bikes with camping gear and embark on an even longer journey full of long miles and exploration. No matter what kind of cyclist you are, learn the basics of bike maintenance, which includes tire changes, brake and gear adjustments, quick cleans, and tube patch skills.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing isn’t necessarily outdoors. However, the sport is greatly enhanced when you’re roped up and belayed (the technique used by your climbing partner to catch you with the rope if you fall) on the face of a mountain. But this hobby isn’t for the faint of heart. Many skills are needed and top physical ability is required. Specific and intricate knots and the best climbing equipment is oftentimes the difference between life and death on difficult climbs. While this is a hobby that can be taken to extremes, know your limits. It’s when people believe they have conquered the mountain that the easiest of moves lead them to find themselves in real trouble.


If you live in a warm and coastal location, scuba diving is a singular experience. While classes and tests are required for scuba certification, the rewards and world on display under the waves are worth the price of admission. While many people think of scuba as dangerous, done safely the risks are minimal. Obey the simple safety rules of scuba and see exotic fish and marine life, flourishing coral, and even kelp forests and giant octopuses. While this isn’t the cheapest, nor the easiest hobby to learn, it will bring you memories for years.

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