5 Must Have Fashion Items for 2018

2018 has only just started and most stores are finally ending their January sales. Thank goodness! Now all of last years stock has been sold off, we can finally start shopping for beautiful, new clothes and jewellery in the latest trends.

Keep reading to discover 5 must have fashion items for 2018.

1. Colour is Important

No matter what your personal style is (high-fashion, casual, chic etc.), it’s not the shape that you wear, but the colour that’s so important in 2018. Get your colours right to suit your complexion and then go bold! Or pastel! Or dusky! Whatever takes your fancy, make sure it stands out and matches the rest of your outfit colour-wise. To make sure you’re always on-trend with bold colours, I’d pick a light jacket that you can wear throughout the year in a standout colour.

2. Gold Plated Earrings

This year, earrings are going to be about quality. Gold plating, whether it’s plain gold, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Simple, lustrous and absolutely beautiful. What I really love about this trend is that you can wear simple gold earrings with almost any outfit and it will match perfectly.

Gold can be quite expensive, which is why I prefer to shop at Pilgrim for affordable, stylish jewellery. You can find the webpage here.

3. Tailored Trousers

Forget jeans, let’s go back to suit trousers and fitted styles. In 2017 I was loving my fitted silk trousers in bright colours during the summer, so I am very glad that the style is back for the whole of 2018!

Try tweed and thick fabric trousers for the cold months (which are perfect for work as well as home) and soft silks and printed denims for summer months. Colour is key so if you’re buying summer clothes in advance make sure that you have the right tops to go with the tailored trousers.

4. V-Neck Tops

One of my favourite places to find new styles for the new year is Saint Tropez. After scrolling excitedly through their new collections for this year, I noticed a recurring trend: V necklines. There are cute cable knit jumpers with V necks, formal blouses with deep ruffles in a V style, and even pretty lace edged, silky vests with a v-neckline!

5. 1980’s Shoulders

This last 2018 must-have is a trip down memory lane. We’re welcoming back those big, defined, padded 80s shoulders. You can easily achieve this look with a blazer or jacket that’s got shoulder pads built in. If you want to re-use some of your old jackets from the 80s or even last year, why not buy some replacement pads to stick in?

Whatever your style for 2018, we’re sure you’ll look fab!

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