A Buying Guide for Rings Made from Titanium

Titanium rings are one of the hottest new trends in jewelry for men and women alike. Once upon a time, a ring was always made of 14 carat gold, but those days are long gone. And best of all, titanium is really affordable, which means that people no longer have to settle for cheap costume jewelry either, nor do they have to suffer from green skin or allergic reactions. It is no surprise, therefore, that titanium is so popular. It is strong, durable, affordable and incredibly beautiful. So what should you look for if you want to buy titanium rings?


Titanium the Material

There are different grades of titanium and most of them are hypoallergenic. This means that the human skin does not react to it. Additionally, it doesn’t react to most chemicals, corrosive elements and salt water. There are some extremely cheap titanium rings, which you will generally find online, that are the exception to this rule. This is because they are of such low titanium grade (if they are titanium at all), that the ring can become affected.

Usually, however, titanium is of very high grade. This is firstly because it guarantees the hypoallergenic properties. Secondly, it is far stronger, which means that the ring will last a lifetime and beyond. Those who look for the most durable ring should also be willing to invest slightly more, therefore. Since titanium is affordable anyway, this shouldn’t be a problem.


There is a limitless amount of designs available for titanium rings. Good jewelers have high tech milling and engraving devices, which means that each ring has the potential to become truly unique. Make sure that you find a really good and skilled artisan to create the ring you want. People also like titanium rings with inlays, which means that the base is titanium, but it features bands of other materials. This can include gemstones, minerals, exotic hardwoods, silver or gold. So long as they are properly crafted, they will last forever.

The Experience of the Jeweler

The saying is that you pay for what you get and the same is true with titanium rings. You can import rings really cheaply online, usually from Southeast Asia, and these tend to not be of very good quality or design. They are mass-produced products that have simple etched designs. These rings, while they have their place, are simply not suitable to become a lasting part of your life.

If you are looking for an engagement ring or wedding ring, by contrast, you need a high quality design and material. This means you shouldn’t go for anything that has been mass-produced, but rather for something unique and truly beautiful. Hence, spend some time to find an artisan who knows what they are doing and who stands by the quality of their products. Luckily, these can also be found online with just a little bit of research. Spend some time looking at the options that are out there before coming to a final decision.

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