Accessibility of Laser Hair Treatment

Medications have disturbed the hormones of the women. Hair growth is the adverse effect of such medications. People who used to rely on medication should be careful before intake of medicines. Another reason for body hair growth among women is use of broiler chicken in their daily routines. The feed of these chickens is not so healthy and it brings really very disastrous effects on women’s hormones. It disturbs female hormones that really bring immense false effects on their health. There are few cures for removing excessive body hairs of women. Among them Laser treatment is very popular.


The other methods like waxing, use of particular creams, shaving are time taking and need follow up. Rather than laser treatment that saves your time and money as well. Once you are to pay the fee for the treatment then you are free from this curse. Laser is a permanent solution to get rid of your excessive hair. There is a plain course of 8-10 visits that brings complete removal of these hairs. And it is usually helped with the skin texture of the patient and the strength of hair. Electrical instruments are used for this procedure, few medications are there.

Let’s discuss the step by step procedure of laser hair removal:

1: after having the first meeting with your doctor, you decide to take this treatment, after confirmation of your date to the doctor. A sample test of 24 hours is given to you of the specified area you want to get it free from hair, and it also includes cleansing of that are, sometimes shaving. Then next day you are supposed to start your treatment. An eye protector glasses is given to you.

2: laser machine is being started before your treatment is initiated. Laser head is projected to the surface of the skin where you want to get rid of the hair. This procedure is usually pain free, but sometimes few patients say that it feels like something hitting them lightly, but still it is not as painful as waxing.

3: In few cases the skin becomes slightly radish, sometimes the pores swells but this is just the temporary effect. Application of aloe Vera gel gives cooling effect after the treatment. After the application of aloe Vera gel, the reddishness reduces. You can see better results after the first session.

Laser hair removal decreases your hair when it is at its bloom. Avoid going to near to the high temperature, as it can damage your skin, reddishness may occur. Abstain yourself from cardiovascular exercises. Avoid hydro exposure activities because water may contain contaminated chemicals. Try to reduce sun exposure because sun light can make the treatment less effective and several skin problems may occur due to the electromagnetic rays of the sun. Laser hair removal is an effective way to reduce unwanted hairs but the treatment is valid only if you will follow all the precautions otherwise it’s useless to spend your money on the treatment. Never rely on private practitioners, go towards a specialist.

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