All Wrapped Up: Top Tips for Choosing Clothes That’ll Help You Survive the Winter

You may be reading this blog in summer, but it’s never too early to plan your winter wardrobe. In fact, it’s best to begin now to avoid last-minute shopping mistakes. In the interest of wintertime comfort and coziness for all, we are pleased to present these top tips for choosing clothes that will get you through the coldest months stylishly and affordably.


Begin with the basics


Long underwear is one winter must-have you don’t want to do without. Made of thermal cotton or sleek silk, today’s modern long underwear are much prettier than those from your grandma’s day. Leggings are nice, but they are not very effective in super cold weather, advise fashion experts at Jezebel magazine. Also known as “long johns,” long underwear may not be the cutest things in the world, but they’ll help you survive winter. And besides, your long thermal underwear will be under the rest of your clothes and nobody will see them anyway.


Your long johns will serve you well all winter, as far as keeping your legs warm in concerned. You’ll also need several pairs of warm socks in various lengths. On super cold days, you might want to wear two pairs. Reversible boot toppers stretch your winter fashion budget dollars while adding interest to your winter wardrobe. Bigger girls will be happy to find wide calf leg warmers that stretch to fit.


Layer, layer, layer


We just can’t stress it enough. Layers are where it’s at when you want to stay toasty warm in wintertime. Silky camisoles make a perfect first layer to start with. Over that camisole, you can add a button-up boyfriend shirt, a cardigan, and a cashmere sweater. Several thinner layers retain your natural body heat and can actually keep you warmer than one bulky sweater.


Keep-you-warm-all-winter accessories


If you knit, start making scarves now. Don’t restrict yourself to a staid winter palette. Go for pops of outrageous color to brighten cold days. Create scarves to match your outfits, or knit a rainbow of scarves you can drape around your neck and tuck into your coat to keep chilly winter winds at bay.


Gloves are another winter must-have. Choose tech gloves that allow you to use bare fingertips to operate phones and other touch activated devices, advises New York Stay magazine. When the weather goes into ‘arctic mode, you’ll be glad that you invested in a great pair of lined winter gloves, as well. If your pocketbook agrees, go for leather gloves that are lined with cashmere. The next time you get into an impromptu snowball fight, your fingers will thank you.


Other items that can help you survive a super cold winter include disposable hand-warmer packs that slip into your pocket and give you something warm to hold onto. Be creative in your fashion choices and if it comes down to a choice between looking cool and staying warm, always opt for the latter.

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