Amazingly Affordable Ways to Brighten and Balance Your Home Decor With Pillows

One of the most effective and affordable ways to add some pizzazz to any room is to add some pillows.

With great brands like Vera Wang to choose from for your accessories, it should be easy to brighten up your living space and create an inviting feel, whether you add them to your living room or bedroom.


Those little touches make all the difference

As many interior designers would probably confirm, you should never underestimate the decorative impact that a simple toss cushion can have.

Many designers wouldn’t even dream of formulating a plan to give a room a makeover without considering the use of throw pillows and the choice of fabrics to use for them, simply because they have the ability to finish a room and provide the balance that can otherwise be missing.

The common trick employed by many of us without the acquired design know-how is to simply match your cushions to the sofa and think that that will do. Maybe some of the matching cushions that might have come with the sofa can stay, provided the sofa is large enough to justify that decision, but if you want to update your look effectively, you are going to have to get more creative than that.

Pulling the room together

Your aim is to create some balance and harmony and pull everything together in the room so that it all looks to be part of a design scheme created at the same time, rather than bits and pieces you have added together over time.

If you do have some solid colored cushions, they can work fine as long as you use them to draw the other colors in the room together, so look at the color of your drapery and other fabrics in the room, so that you can create a fusion that provides a complimentary contrast rather than a clash of colors.

You can never have enough pillows

Although that is strictly not true of course, there are many of us who love them so much and consider them one of the go-to bedding accessories that you simply can’t do without.

Even arranging the pillows in the right way is an art and if you can learn to arrange pillows like a professional designer, you will notice a tangible difference to the effect they have on your room.

If you are dressing a sofa for instance, start with the two largest pillows and place them at either end of the sofa, resting against the arms. These are basically your anchor pillows and once these are in place, you can then add a couple more that are smaller in size.

The second set of pillows are often referred to as the decorative pillows and then there is the center pillow. The layering is almost done. It is the interest pillow that needs adding next. This is invariably the odd numbered pillow and is chosen also because of the fact that it is the pillow which happens to be easiest on the eye.

Your finishing touch for a professional layered look is a throw, which will add another layer as well as some texture and color to the arrangement.

Using pillows is simple and affordable and if you know how to use them effectively, it can make all the difference to your room.

Phoebe Yates knew from a young age that she wanted to become an interior designer. Now studying it at college she enjoys coming up with DIY/Decor projects for blogs in her free time.

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