Baby Gadgets, Apps and Gizmos: Top Tech for Modern Moms

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your mobile devices to keep track of your things for your newborn? Well now you can, baby gear is getting high tech and if you are the kind of mom or dad that never goes anywhere without your personal devices, you’ll love these innovative ideas.


Cloud Tot

Combine a smart monitor accessory with your mobile device and you have Cloud Tot, the innovative new baby monitoring system. You can track your baby’s movements and if you’re worried that your infant hasn’t moved in a while you can direct the system to give him or her a gentle nudge. The sensor detects breathing, room temperature, noise levels and bed wetness. All the information is transmitted to an app on your chosen device.


Weather Live
This detailed weather app will help you keep track of current and upcoming weather, so you know how to dress you baby for the outdoors. With this pleasant weather widget on your mobile device, you can check the temperature at a glance without even opening the app. Other features include wind speed and direction, air pressure, weather radar, rain map, sunrise and sunset times, and severe weather warnings.


Talking to your baby is vital for him or her to learn as many words as possible, but it’s difficult to know just how many words your child is hearing on a daily basis, until now. Starling is a small, smart device that your child wears. It keeps a track on all words spoken in his or her vicinity. It will let you know if your child has reached the goal of hearing 20,000 words per day. When you child begins to talk, the Starling app will also keep track of his or her words.

Moxi Stroller

The high-tech Moxi stroller comes with tech onboard. The strollers unique features include pathway lights, tail lights, self-charging rear wheel generators, cell phone charging, and an LCD dashboard to track distance, calorie burn, speed, temperature, time and battery level. You can adjust the seat to several configurations including parent-facing, front facing, and carriage mode. You can enhance the stroller experience by connecting it to the 4moms mobile app.

Baby Shusher

No parent like it when their baby is crying and especially during those times when the infant is hard to console. For those moments there is the Baby Shusher also known as the “sleep miracle.” This unusual device mimics the rhythmic sounds of the womb, which soothes and calms your baby naturally. All you have to do is place the device within two feet of your infant’s hearing radius so he or she can hear it above the sound of crying and it will trigger their “natural calming reflex.” You can use the device on its own or with other soothing methods.

These top tech devices make parenting easier and help you rest assured that your child is safe, comfortable and learning healthily.

Naomi Holmes is a Modern Mom who is doing her best to raise a blended family with kids ranging in age from 19 right down to 4 — It’s crazy most of the time but she wouldn’t have it any other way!

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