Breast Cancer – The Signs and Symptoms

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It constitutes almost 30% of all cancer cases reported and diagnosed in women worldwide. It develops in the breast tissue and the patient will usually become aware of it by finding a lump in the breast. More than 80% of cases are found in this way. Some of the risk factors associated with developing breast cancer are obesity and lack of physical exercise, drinking too much alcohol and using hormone replacement therapy during menopause. It is also claimed that not having children or having them at an older age could also be factors. Because of the huge amount of research that has taken place it is now known that there are three types of tumour; Luminal A and B and HER2. Once the type of cancer has been determined then the type of treatments needed can by decided upon.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The first and most apparent symptom of breast cancer is finding a lump. Also, lumps found in lymph nodes in the armpits can be breast cancer. Other signs will be one breast becoming larger than the other or changing in shape or becoming inverted. The skin becoming dimpled is also a common sign or the development of a rash at the site. Also the patient may have constant pain in the area. There is another type of breast cancer that does not present itself in a lump form. This is more of an inflammation and has symptoms like pain, itching, swelling, redness and warmth. This type sometimes goes undiagnosed and can prove to be a more dangerous type of breast cancer.

Treatment and Care of Breast Cancer

Once a patient has been diagnosed with breast cancer the type of treatment is then decided. It will depend on the extent of cancer present. Breast cancer care is of utmost importance to women at this crucial time when they are feeling very fragile. Breast cancer care in France for example is one of the most successful in the world. Treatment usually includes the removal of the lump or tumour and the removal of the entire breast and lymph nodes if the cancer has spread. After surgery is completed the patient will then start a course of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. This form of treatment gives the patient a great chance of returning to a normal life afterward. In fact the advances made in treatment and care for the patient now shows a survival rate of 90% after diagnosis.

Pink Ribbon

The most well-known symbol of breast cancer awareness is the pink ribbon. They are generally made from satin material and are an inexpensive way of collecting money through fundraising. They are often worn to create awareness of the disease and to honour all of those diagnosed with the disease. Its mission is to help fund research projects and provide financial support. It is a known fact that everyone in the world knows either a family member or a dear friend that has suffered with the disease.

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