Loving Your Locks: How To Pick the Top Blow Dryer For Your Look

Hair is serious business. A good hair day can leave you feeling confident and in control, like the world is your oyster. As for a bad hair day, well – the less said about those the better. Considering what a profound impact your hair can have on your whole mood, it should go without saying that you need to take care of it. And to keep your hair in tip-top shape, you’re going to need to best tools out there. Here’s how to sort through the top blow dryers on the market, and figure out which one Read more [...]

Bobbi’s Guide to Colour Correcting

Colour correcting is a way for a woman to make her skin look flawless at any time of the year, any time of the day. A lot of beautiful women have different colour issues in their skin, like hyperpigmentation. By colour correcting, you can make your face look like you really do have even skin—a true “no-makeup makeup” look. Anyone can learn how to colour correct—so let the experts teach you the basics, the Bobbi Brown way: Bobbi's Guide to Colour Correcting Yellow-toned skin makeup can Read more [...]

Can I Claim for Cosmetic Surgery Compensation?

Cosmetic surgery can be an effective quick-fix for a physical problem or defect, or it can be a dangerous and problematic procedure that results in injury. Unfortunately with the popularity of cosmetic surgery growing, more and more practitioners are offering treatments and procedures they are not experienced in delivering, or do not have the relevant training for. If you have been injured as a result of a cosmetic surgery procedure, do you have the right to make a claim for compensation? Do I Have Read more [...]


Luscious lips can instantly increase a person’s charm and sex appeal. This is why women from all walks of life continuously experiment with different beauty products in order to make their lips look their best. Some even go through extreme measures such as surgery just to achieve their dream picture-perfect lips à la Angelina Jolie. Fortunately, you can have better lips even without going under the knife. Here are 6 beauty tips to help you get that luscious lips you’ve always wanted. Choose Read more [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Botox

All over the world, people are turning to Botox as a type of fountain of youth. In fact, it has been called a “miracle treatment” because of the significant effects it has on fighting the signs of aging. Botox is a poison, however, which is why you should only opt for professional Botox treatments. So what are some of the do’s and don’ts of having your wrinkles and other facial problems resolved? The Do’s Go to a professional. You must make sure that whoever administers the product Read more [...]

Do You Need to Change Your Lifestyle or Do You Need Surgery?

It is a known fact that there is a direct link between obesity and type 2 diabetes. The latter is an irreversible disease that can lead to serious complications, such as blindness, amputation, kidney failure, stroke, heart disease, and coma. If someone is overweight, and most of their fat is around their midriff, they are likely to develop type 2 diabetes. In many cases, a gastric balloon is now offered to these people to help them avoid type 2 diabetes or, if they already have it, help them control Read more [...]

5 Ways to Make Makeup Last When You Have Dry Skin

Have you ever heard the expression, "My face ate my makeup?" Well, if you have dry skin, you probably understand perfectly. According to Adore Cosmetics, make up fades on dry skin mostly because of the lack of moisture, but you don't have to over moisturize to make sure your make up goes from breakfast to boardroom to night on the town. Here are five ways to help your make up last and last. 1. Use a primer. Under any foundation or even BB cream, a primer is key. While moisturizers soften skin, Read more [...]

All Teeth Whitening Products Are Not Created Equal – Choose from the Best

Exactly how important is your smile? Most of us want whiter, brighter teeth but unfortunately, not all teeth whitening products are created equal. Some work and some don’t do much of anything at all except drain your wallet. Others work but are not the safest products on the market. So, if you are looking for a dental whitening product that really works, is safe for your teeth and is cost effective, you can choose from products reviewed on toptenselect.com based on what has proven to be safe and Read more [...]

Accessibility of Laser Hair Treatment

Medications have disturbed the hormones of the women. Hair growth is the adverse effect of such medications. People who used to rely on medication should be careful before intake of medicines. Another reason for body hair growth among women is use of broiler chicken in their daily routines. The feed of these chickens is not so healthy and it brings really very disastrous effects on women’s hormones. It disturbs female hormones that really bring immense false effects on their health. There are few Read more [...]

Is the World’s Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatment Right for You?

More and more people opt for Botox treatment in order to get rid of some of the most prominent signs of aging. Botox, essentially, is a diluted form of the botulism toxin, which sounds very dangerous but is actually very well-regulated and safe. The toxin paralyzes the nerve impulses to the various tiny muscles in the face, stopping them from forming lines and wrinkles. It is certainly true that, if applied in too great a quantity, Botox can cause what is known as the “frozen face”. However, Read more [...]