Will He Get You the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Ask a lot of women and they will tell you that getting their engagement ring was a special day in their lives. With that being the case, are you expecting to have your guy propose to you at any time now? If so, will you have a major say in what kind of ring he buys you? For some women, being along for the ring selection is an important part of the process. Sure, they will end up knowing what kind of engagement ring he’s going to get them, but isn’t that the point? Picking out something they Read more [...]

Planning Your Wedding: Know Which Advice to Heed and Which to Ignore

You’ve barely announced your engagement and you’re already knee deep in advice regarding how to handle your wedding—where and when you should hold the event, what you should wear and more. If this is your first time getting married, the whole ordeal can be so overwhelming, you forget to appreciate the magic that goes along with the planning process.   Some of the more offensive wedding “don’ts” to watch out for:   Don’t Wait for Dresses to Go On Sale   Or Read more [...]

Choosing the right jewelled evening and wedding shoes – Making it perfect for the occasion

Choosing the best dress for your wedding will probably always be at the top of your list when you get engaged but make sure you don’t forget one more important thing that you need to buy along with your dress and that’s a beautiful pair of jeweled wedding shoes. It is true that buying your wedding shoes might conjure up many questions like the height you would prefer to go up to, whether or not you should wear them beforehand or many other such doubts. If this is what is confusing you, you need Read more [...]