Choosing the right jewelled evening and wedding shoes – Making it perfect for the occasion

Choosing the best dress for your wedding will probably always be at the top of your list when you get engaged but make sure you don’t forget one more important thing that you need to buy along with your dress and that’s a beautiful pair of jeweled wedding shoes. It is true that buying your wedding shoes might conjure up many questions like the height you would prefer to go up to, whether or not you should wear them beforehand or many other such doubts. If this is what is confusing you, you need not panic as there are shoe experts who have offered their best advice on choosing the best bridal footwear. If you’re looking for the best kinds of jeweled evening shoes, here is a guide to ensure you choose the most appropriate one and yet not get blisters on your special day.

  • Getting a bigger size is not always the better option

Unless and until you’re someone who is used to wearing heels of 7 inches, don’t go with extremely large heels. The safer bet here is to opt for 3 inch (7.5 cm) heel size and this is one of the most comfortable sizes that won’t make you snap your ankles even when you rush towards the dance floor. If you’re someone tall, stand proud of yourself and in case you wish to wear heels, wear them with enough confidence.

  • Add a strap on it if it doesn’t have one

Make sure you choose wedding shoes which allow wearability, flexibility and also stability. Would a bride ever want her shoes to be flying off in the middle of the Ketchup Song? Therefore, the best step to take is to choose a shoe with a well-secured heel or a strap which lets the shoe to stay on your foot. And in case you choose to wear high-heeled shoes, the ones that are more than what you normally wear, experts highly recommend adding a strap for extra comfort.

  • Get the right size of wedding shoes

If you’re about to choose jewel shoes woman for your wedding occasion, ensure trying out several sizes so that you know best which one fits you perfectly. Would you want to feel like Cinderella losing half pair of your shoe while you’re walking down the aisle? You could choose an open-toed wedding shoe if you wish to avoid the bad feeling of sore toes.

  • Wear them beforehand

When you wear your jeweled evening shoes – jewelled wedding shoes, for the occasion – on the D-day, you may get soreness due to excessive rubbing. Hence you should start wearing the shoes beforehand after cleaning your feet so that you can get habituated with the surface of the shoe. You will also get enough time for readjustments.

Apart from the above listed tips, one of the most vital tips is to ensure that your wedding shoes have enough amount of padding. Ensure wearing a pair of insoles to feel the difference.

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