Do’s and Don’ts of Botox

All over the world, people are turning to Botox as a type of fountain of youth. In fact, it has been called a “miracle treatment” because of the significant effects it has on fighting the signs of aging. Botox is a poison, however, which is why you should only opt for professional Botox treatments. So what are some of the do’s and don’ts of having your wrinkles and other facial problems resolved?

The Do’s

  1. Go to a professional. You must make sure that whoever administers the product has received the proper Botox training and certification. Additionally, a professional is not just someone who is certified, but also someone who is experienced. Some people avoid going to real professionals because it is expensive. While it is certainly more costly financially than going to a Botox party, the truth is also that a botched treatment could leave you scarred for life, and that cost is even higher.
  2. Make sure you mention any underlying health conditions you may have. Before you have the treatment, you need to make sure that your physician is aware of any health problems you have, any medication you are taking, and so on. Tell them about allergies and whether you currently take supplements, including herbal and over the counter ones.
  3. Be realistic about your expectations. If you are 50 years old, you cannot expect to walk out of the clinic looking 16 all of a sudden. You need to make sure that you have a good conversation about what the results are that you can expect from the treatment, and agree to have it done based on that.

The Don’ts

There are a lot of things that you should avoid when it comes to Botox as well. These include:

  1. Rubbing or touching the area where you have had the injections for at least 24 hours. Your physician will have given you an aftercare plan, and you must stick to that. This may also mean not wearing makeup.
  2. Sweating or otherwise exerting yourself, and particularly the muscles of your face. Do not work out, and try to stay in rooms that are climate controlled so that you don’t sweat. Again, this should be for a period of 24 hours.
  3. Drinking any alcohol for a period of 24 hours as well.
  4. Taking any blood thinning medication. If you have to take any of this type of medication, you should have told your physician about that beforehand, and they are likely to have refused the treatment then. Alternatively, if they do agree to give you the treatment, they will tell you what you can do instead of taking blood thinners.

With these simple do’s and don’ts, you are likely to have a fantastic Botox experience. You will come out of the treatment looking and feeling younger, and that does wonders to your overall self-confidence and happiness as well. Remember that you are dealing with your face here, which means you can never be too careful and should only accept treatment that you know you can trust.

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