Four Essential Supplies for New Puppy Owners

There is nothing quite as exciting as getting a new puppy. You will add a new member to your family, and you have to make sure that you are ready for them. This also means getting four essential supplies, and you have to consider how active your puppy’s breed is, their size, and how much time they will be spending outside. Let’s take a look!

1. A Collar

A collar is an absolute must have. You can get nylon or leather ones. Nylon is usually cheaper and really durable, so do pick that, because your puppy will outgrow their collar soon. Besides the collar, you should also get the puppy harnesses, always making sure that the size is wrong. Too large and the harness won’t be effective. Too small and your puppy will be uncomfortable. Not every puppy needs a harness, others are fine with a head collar instead.

2. A Tag

It is best to have a dog tag as well. In fact, in some places, you are obliged by law to have a tag on your dog. Tags come in lots of different shapes and sizes, as well as different metals. Make sure that the size is right for you dog, but think about their grown up size. There’s no point getting a rice grain sized tag (they exist) if you’ve just bought a Dog the Bordeaux. In terms of material, you can usually choose between plastic, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. That is simply down to personal preference.

3. A Bed

Your puppy absolutely needs a bed, even if you have carpets in your home. A bed is a place for them to call their home. The bed should be the right size for the puppy, rather than for the breed. Beds don’t last forever, so you will have to get a new one before your puppy stops growing anyway. If your dog is going to be mainly an outdoor dog, make sure that the bed is made of a suitable material. If you want a luxury bed, like one that has memory foam, then make sure it is easy to clean. Puppies – and grown dogs – are very messy creatures!

4. A Poop Scooper

This is the bit about having dogs that nobody likes: scooping their poop. You need to make sure that you have a scooper that allows you to easily and hygienically pick up your dog’s mess. While style may not be your most important factor of consideration here, you can actually get scoopers in lots of different styles and colors. The biggest decision you will have to make, however, is whether you want to simply use bags over your hand, or whether you want an actual scooper.

With all things puppy, your personal preferences are very important. Whether you want a pink collar or a memory foam square bed, a handheld poop scooper or a dog tag in a Star Wars theme is entirely up to you, so long as you get each of these items.

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