Have You Suffered an Injury Due to a Beauty Treatment? What You Need to Know

Beauty salons and spas are everywhere and offer everything from eyebrow waxing or threading to Botox treatments. And whilst many treatments are readily available, the sad fact is that not many of these are sufficiently regulated. In essence, anyone with a bit of standard training can perform a complex beauty treatment – so if they are not entirely sure how to handle products or chemicals, they can seriously injure customers.

If you have suffered an injury – be it hair damage, a burn or scald, or an allergic reaction – because of a beauty treatment gone wrong, you can make a claim for compensation. That is, provided you know how to go about it and you seek advice from the right professionals.

The regulations beauty salons and spas have to follow

All business premises in the UK are required to keep a record of any accident, major or minor, that occurs in the premises. Even if it’s as simple an injury as a bruise, it has to be recorded – so what more for a major injury such as a burn or allergic reaction? The details of the injury will remain confidential until such time that you decide to make a claim – then the spa or salon has to produce the record of the injury related to your claim.

The handling of hazardous or dangerous chemicals or compounds

All salons and spas also have to follow regulations when it comes to the handling as well as storage of chemicals which are deemed hazardous. They need to dispose of it properly as well. These chemicals include hair dyes, nail varnishes, nail removers, and even cleaning products and materials.

If you are at a salon or spa and are exposed to a harmful chemical or compound, resulting in an injury, you can be entitled to compensation. If this happens, you should make it a point to report the spa or salon to the local council in the area in accordance with the regulation of local health and safety laws. If you report them to the local authority and decide to make a claim later on, this report will benefit your claim as well.

Injuries due to allergic reactions

A good beauty salon or spa will perform a patch or skin test if they are planning to use chemicals on your skin, as http://shireslaw.com attests. This test will determine if you are allergic to the chemical or not, and patch tests are especially crucial for hair dyeing, as some individuals exhibit allergic reactions to chemicals used in dyes. If the salon or spa does not perform a test and you suffer from an allergic reaction, they could be liable for compensation. Seek help from the professionals at http://shireslaw.com and receive the compensation you deserve.

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