Is the World’s Most Popular Anti-Aging Treatment Right for You?

More and more people opt for Botox treatment in order to get rid of some of the most prominent signs of aging. Botox, essentially, is a diluted form of the botulism toxin, which sounds very dangerous but is actually very well-regulated and safe. The toxin paralyzes the nerve impulses to the various tiny muscles in the face, stopping them from forming lines and wrinkles. It is certainly true that, if applied in too great a quantity, Botox can cause what is known as the “frozen face”. However, as the industry is now so regulated and cosmetic surgeons are committed to delivering high quality services, this doesn’t really happen anymore.


All About Botox

The origins of Botox are actually medical, helping to treat ophthalmological and neurological problems. When it was used solely for this medical application, doctors started to notice that their patients also had a reduction in wrinkles. The rest, as they say, is history.

When you book in for Botox treatments in San Jose, a specialist will first identify where the toxin has to be injected. A very fine needle is then used to make sure the right facial muscles are targeted. This causes only minimal pain and recovery time is very quick. Some people experience slight bruising, but this can easily be covered with makeup. Botox is also known as the lunch time facelift, since you can quite literally have it done over your lunch period and simply return to work straight after.

Some side effects are possible, although they are rare. Drooping of the eyelids has been noted by some people. Do make sure you discuss this before agreeing to have the procedure completed. If you do end up experiencing this side effect, it shouldn’t last longer than a few weeks.

Overall, Botox is a great treatment option that can take years of your face. However, it is not the fountain of youth that you can use for the rest of your life. Once your face starts to get really deep wrinkles, or when it starts to sag, Botox will no longer be sufficient and you may need to consider more invasive surgery such as a brow or face lift.

Botox offers temporary results, with most people nothing that the effects last for between three and six months. The more often you have the treatment, the longer it lasts, however. The exact time you can enjoy a more youthful appearance, therefore varies.

The price tends to be calculated per unit of Botox used, with most units costing between $10 and $25. Generally speaking, you will need to pay for between 20 and 40 units, depending on how severe your wrinkles are and where you want them to be targeted. However, this will be discussed with you by your specialist. They may also give you a price for the entire treatment, instead of making a ‘per unit’ calculation. Do make sure you ask about the options that they offer.

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