Love Your Nights Again- Top Tips and Tech for Hopeless Insomniacs

With up to 50% of the entire population estimated to be affected by insomnia, getting a good night’s sleep clearly doesn’t come easily to everyone. Almost all of us have had difficulty sleeping at least once in our lives but, when it becomes constant and affects your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, insomnia can become extremely debilitating.


As insomnia can come in a variety of forms dependent on the individual, there are a wide variety of treatment options available. Often involving professional therapy and even medication, these more severe treatment methods may intimidate some people and leave them feeling even more concerned than before. So, if your insomnia is starting to take over your life but you don’t want to seek professional help just yet, here are a few top gadgets and apps you can try that have been specifically designed to improve sleep.


Yoga for Insomnia


In order to truly counteract the effects of insomnia, it’s essential to get yourself in the right mindset. Yoga is renowned for being hugely relaxing and therapeutic, and Yoga for Insomnia specifically targets sleep improvement with its poses.


Offering detailed written descriptions and pictures of how to achieve each yoga pose, this app is ideal for beginners as it talks you through everything. User-friendly and providing the option of customizing your very own yoga routine, Yoga for Insomnia is perfect to use a couple of hours before bed to get both your body and mind truly relaxed.


Alarm Clock for Me


Don’t be fooled by its name, as this android alarm clock is much more than a device to get you up in the mornings. Whilst Alarm Clock for Me does indeed feature a customizable alarm allowing you to wake up to the sound of your favorite song, this app also boasts an effective sleep timer which is what makes it so useful for insomniacs.


Its sleep timer function plays either relaxing tunes or white noise, clinically proven to induce feelings of relaxation, leaving you with a super convenient method of being lulled to sleep – all from your smartphone! Simply launch this feature about half an hour before you’d like to be asleep, and let the sounds do all the hard work for you.


Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask


Being both unable to sleep at night or get out of bed in the mornings are too of the main characteristics of insomnia, and the Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask has been specifically designed to tackle both!


A comfortable, cotton-like eye mask, this device uses slowly dimming light to successfully induce sleep and a gently brightening light that safely wakes you up at the most appropriate time. Ideal for those who want to treat their insomnia and finally achieve a regular sleeping pattern, the Glo to Sleep and Wake Mask is a great option to try.


Sleep is often something so many of us take for granted, with millions around the world who crave just one good night’s sleep. But, by using a combination of the above apps and gadgets, decent sleep is certainly on the cards!

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