Men’s Activewear – A Few Buying Tips

The activewear trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Most of the large men’s fashion retailers, like Jacamo, are still offering their clients huge collections of tracksuits, joggers, and sweats.

It is a style of clothing that virtually every man, almost regardless of age or shape, seems to have in his wardrobe. So, knowing how to wear and look good in activewear is essential. Fortunately, it is not difficult to do so.

Remeasure yourself regularly

The first tip is to measure yourself every month or so or if you prefer, each time you go shopping. You will be surprised by just how often and by how much your key measurements change. This is especially the case if you change up your exercise regime or try out a new diet.

Usually, a man’s body will respond quickly to these changes. So, within just a few weeks you can easily lose or gain an inch in key areas like the waist, chest, and hips. It is also worth measuring your biceps and thighs before going shopping, especially if you have been working on those areas. Once you get beyond a certain level you will have to check that the sleeves and legs are wide enough in the right places. Most activewear fabric is fairly soft and flexible, so will stretch enough to accommodate your muscles. But, wearing tight clothing is never really comfortable and it rarely hangs right. So, it is best to bear this in mind when buying new clothes.

Think about how it will work with your existing wardrobeFlintoff-GQ

Some items of clothing go with practically anything. For example, a plain t-shirt looks good worn with jeans, joggers or shorts. You could also get away with wearing it with chinos, or if you want to go all Miami Vice, even a linen suit.

Whereas other items like joggers are more limited. They would just look silly if you were to wear them with loafers or a suit jacket. It is important to think about how the items you are buying will fit in with what you already own.

Thinking about and understanding the different ways you could wear each item will help you to make the right choices. You can pick up good advice from videos like this one, which explains the right way to wear joggers.

Is it practical?

If you are planning to actually run or workout in your activewear it is important that it is right for the job. Make sure that the cut is generous enough to allow you enough freedom of movement.

You also need to look at the fabric and determine if it is easy to stay cool while wearing it. Everyone, no matter how fit they are, gets hot when they work out. So, it does not make sense to buy workout clothing that is too thick.

If you are planning to just wear it on the weekends, these considerations are not as important. However, you will want to think about other things. For example, whether the waistband is tight enough to keep your joggers up when your pockets are full of heavy items.

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