Pillow Talk: Why Your Pillow Choice is Important

Is choosing the right pillow an art or a science? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. But however you regard it, the fundamental point is that the choice you make when selecting a pillow will have an impact on your future health for years to come.

Everyone at some time has experienced the effect of sleeping on a pillow that is just plain wrong for them. If you’ve ever had to fold a thin, cheap hotel pillow in half just to even feel like you have a pillow under your head at all, you will instantly identify with the discomfort and irritation that this leads to.

Many people, in fact, choose to have more than one pillow to rest their heads on, simply because a single (low quality) pillow doesn’t provide adequate support. The interesting thing about this is that it actually increases the cost, because now they need two or more pillows instead of just one. In many cases it may actually be more economical to buy luxury pillows, because you won’t need as many.

A luxury pillow is going to be comfortable, and the cost will be comparable to (or even lower than) buying extra pillows of lesser quality.

When choosing a pillow the important things to consider include:


  • Thickness – if the pillow is too thin, it won’t support you properly, leading to low quality sleep and possible injury. On the other hand if the pillow is too thick, it will have your head at an unusually steep angle.
  • Firmness – this is related to thickness, but it’s more about what the pillow is filled with than simply how thick it is. A pillow that is too soft will tend to collapse and then provide bad support. A pillow that is too hard may simply be uncomfortable.
  • Texture – the filling of the pillow, as well as the outer surface, will also determine how comfortable the pillow is. Obviously luxury pillows are made with the finest materials and great care, but others may feel lumpy, prickly, or rough.

Choosing a quality pillow is an investment in your health and well-being. So, how do you actually choose?

Well, the first thing to think about is what position you tend to sleep in most of the time. If you mostly sleep on your side, you’ll be best to choose a firmer pillow style. If you tend to sleep face-down, then a softer pillow is recommended. For those who sleep on their backs, a pillow that offers medium firmness will usually be ideal.

Then you might think about the filling. Natural fillings are fine for most people (especially when paired with a natural duck feather featherbed), but for those with allergies, a synthetic filling will often be preferable.

Finally the shape of the pillow can also be important. Some pillows are shaped to support only the head and neck, while other pillows are designed to also support the shoulders. You should think about the way you tend to sleep and the kind of support you like to have.

The difference between cheap ordinary pillows and luxury hotel pillows could not be more noticeable. There is no doubt that the quality of a pillow is really important in determining how well you sleep and how you’ll feel through the day after awakening.

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