Replaying the 11 Strange Purse Trends Our Mind Is Possessed With

In the early 2000’s, many questionable trends hit the market like silky capris, asymmetrical skirts, cropped crochet sweaters and some others as well. But there was nothing as shocking as the awkward eccentric purses that came by, when the millennium broke. The sight of these purses only makes us scratch our heads in bamboozlement but quite frankly, we are also guilty of twirling them around the town.

If in early 2000’s you were the youngster, then you must have come across these pieces as well and they were quite a thing back then. As for now, we can only smirk at our stupidity but who knew a day will arrive when we’ll be discussing those purses mockingly?

The Candy Wrapper Purses

It is difficult for us to bring ourselves to say that yes, we were somehow conned into buying this purse, if only we knew it looked like someone was making great use of the candy wrappers we throw in the bins. Tell me is this how cheap stores work today? I have my doubts!

The Faux Designer Totes

Every girl folk in the high school used to bring one of these totes along with them and we were quite intrigued by the neatly positioned Chanel label that managed to bring out a Wow from our mouth. Alas, China Town was the place we got to know about where these bags were available for only $20, please don’t flood my memory!

The Denim Handbags

Let’s pay ode to the fact you can now use denim as a bag as well, let alone acid wash them too. No, this trend hasn’t finished yet but is now coming up with many options as well. We wish we were acquainted with the blasted trendsetter!

The Sequined Shopping bag-esque Purses

You might think that we are joking at the sight of these bags which were shapeless, gaudy and saggy; we wish we had more words to do justice with it. However, these should be handed to the little toddler princesses, who love everything that glints when they turn.

The Ginormous Totes

No, we do not mean large totes, we mean massive totes. Yes, you could fit in your babies as well if you wished to, plus we have experienced the way they got stuck in the train doors.

The Baguette Bags

Don’t even try to fit in more than cell phone and credit card in these baguette bags. They were very slender and the straps were so short that it hurts to explain. Only Carrie Bradshaw was renowned for this, so we had to tolerate them somehow.

The Shoulder Bags

It was almost unimaginable to ever find anything in this bag because the inside was as blank as a black hole. If you are dying with laughter, check out the womens fashion bags and do us a favor to get the taste of reality.

The Lower Initial Pleather Purses

In the early 2000s, there was an obsession going on of initials, yes, your initials displayed the fact that you existed in this world. This trend made it to the purses as well and the vendors at the shopping malls were swamped with this trend. You were totally non-existent if you weren’t the owner of these purses back then.

The Patchwork Bags

Our apologies to you but you wouldn’t like the following description. These bags only were made of rhinestones, silver accents and snakeskin with the hullabaloo of patches going on or rather thrown on!

The Crochet Bags

If you wish to pay a tribute to your grandma or the loving hand-crafted sweaters she wove, especially for you, this bag will be perfect for that.

The Newspaper Print Bags

Why? Why such injustice in the era we were? We ask that of you, everybody wanted to wear newspaper printed paraphernalia but nobody wanted to read the newspaper? Yes, we were at a tender age back then but now we’ve made some considerable good choices. We only wish we do not have to look back again at these present days and cringe ourselves to death.

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