Select Suitable Attire for Your Next Big Event With This Dress Code Guide

Virtually every event or situation will have some sort of dress code associated, and understanding exactly what these entail is paramount to looking your best at all times. The below infographic features a thorough run down of several categories of dress codes, so you can rest assured that you will arrive in appropriate attire every time. Work dress codes can be particularly confusing, especially in the modern office with its many categories of business wear.

Business casual usually requires stylish yet laid back clothing that provides a good fit, while business formal refers to more refined office wear, including tailored dresses and stockings for women and dress shirts and suits for men. With the right wardrobe you are bound to go far in your chosen career, in addition to looking great at social gatherings and other functions.

Dress for the Occasion: A Guide to Dress Codes Infographic
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