Selecting the Right Wrist Watch for every Occasion

Clothing, accessories, shoes and jewellery, these are some of the things that play a very important role in a woman’s world. Jewellery makes a woman stand out in the crowd and makes them feel confident and look very elegant. Jewellery has the power to enhance any outfit and add glamour to the look leaving no chance of getting unnoticed.

But, jewellery is not only about wearing heavy ornaments and neckpieces; it includes a broad range of items like watches, earrings, rings, anklets, etc.

But, do you know there is something women not only love but see it as their prized possession? It’s nothing but the watches! Women are crazy for watches and love to collect as many as they like. They want to have a watch for every kind of occasion and show off their love for fashion and style. Undoubtedly, love for watches is real and fantastic, but selecting a right watch for any occasion is a real task. It takes proper research and knowledge to pick a good wrist watch.

You can’t wear a leather strap watch on a traditional function, can you? Nor can you pair up gold, stone studded watch with a formal business dress? Seems funny, right? Well, this is the reason why selecting the right wrist watch according to the occasion is important.

Here is a list of points which are to be kept in mind while making a choice and come back home with the best wrist watch for you.

Look out for the Shape:1

Watches come in a variety of shapes; some have circular dial while other have a square or rectangular dial. Try out different types of watches and observe which dial suits the best on your wrist because wearing a wrong watch can make you look like a fool. Ladies, start preparing a picture of your perfect watch in your mind according to your wrist.

Select the occasion:2

As written above, you cannot wear a leather strap watch on a traditional function and vice versa. So, it is critical to choose your watch according to the occasion. Make a plan before going out for shopping, decide the reason behind shopping and make your purchase accordingly. You can also opt for changeable strap watches which can work out both ways.

Simple yet Elegant:3

Gone is the time when funky and sparkling watches were preferred. When it comes to buying women watches, always opt for simple yet elegant looking watches as they last long and never go out of style. Try out the common colours like gold and silver rather than shades of red, pink, blue, etc.

Mix and Match:4

Nowadays, the latest style is to create a fusion, mix and match things and present in a wholly unique manner. Girls love to wear watch bracelets and pair up their watch with some bangles and chains. So, if you are planning to go to a concert or a cool dancing club, mix and match is the best way to enhance your look.

Set up the Budget:5

Well, this is an important thing to consider before shopping. Always set up the budget and then go out and purchase. Watches are available in different prices and variety. If you are looking for a high brand designer watch, then set the budget accordingly to save yourself from the embarrassment later on.

So, research on women’s watch online, get set to shop and bring the latest & royal wrist watch home, adding another feather to your golden hat.

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