Seven Interesting Swimwear Styles for 2018

If you are anything like me, your thoughts are already turning to your summer holidays, which means it is time to go shopping for swimwear. So, I have been having a look around and am pleased to report that retailers like are offering plenty of choice to their customers. It is not important whether you are tall or short, curvy or rail thin there is a cossie, swimsuit or bikini out there that is perfect for you.

One shoulder cuts

One shoulder swimming costumes and bikinis look very glamorous. It is a cut we have seen a lot on the catwalk and they are now making their way into the shops.

Tassels and ties

Quite a few swimwear designers have chosen to add some interesting detailing to their 2018 creations. Tassels appear to be a favorite embellishment and front tie style bikini tops are also widely available.

Blouson sets

For those of us who feel a bit self-conscious wearing a revealing or figure-hugging swimming costume, a blouson set could be the perfect answer. It looks like you are wearing a strappy, lightweight, summer top with bikini briefs. But, the truth is that it is a traditional swimming costume with a top sewn to it. They look great, stay in place well and do not get in the way at all when you are swimming or playing a beach game.

Halterneck bikinis

Halterneck bikinis offer great support. So, if you want to use your swimwear to give yourself a little lift and sculpt your body a little, this is the cut to choose.

Bond style swimwear

This year, there is something of a retro vibe going on in the world of swimwear. Part of this trend is the return of the high-cut, bond girl style, swimming costumes and bikini bottoms that were so popular in the late 80s and early 90s. If you have well-toned legs and thighs you can definitely rock this look.

Some designers have added incorporated bold designs into to their high leg swimming costumes, rather leave them plain. For example, bold vertical stripes in hot colors. These are best described as new retro. If you are brave enough to wear one you will certainly stand out, in a good way.

Crochet swimwear

If you are looking for something really pretty you cannot go wrong with crochet panel swimwear. It looks great and is ultra-feminine. But, you will need to be careful while wearing this style of bikini or swimsuit. It is all too easy to catch the crochet panel on sharp edges and tear holes in it.

Activewear swimsuits

It is great to see more active swimmers, surfers, and water skiers being properly catered for. Activewear swimsuits appear to have finally gone mainstream.

Getting the fit right

Regardless, of the style of swimming costume, you choose you should take the time to make sure that it fits properly. You will always look better in one that fits you well. Plus, you will feel less self-concise and not have to worry about bits of you popping out of your costume or bikini. You can use this video guide to help you to buy one that will fit you perfectly.

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