Trendy Cocktail Rings: Their Grandiose History

The number of US searches for luxury cocktail rings has risen in January 2017. While it’s slowly going down after a month, there’s no doubt that it will increase again in the next years. Why? It’s because cocktail rings are a recurring fashion trend. They’ve been around for about a century.

Luxury cocktail rings

Have you ever asked yourself who started the trend for cocktail rings? If so, here’s a short history of these glamorous fashion items.

A Symbol of Independence

In the 1920s, women started to gain the right to vote and worked outside of their homes. Their clothing became less restrictive. Women who practiced independence were called “flappers.” They wore makeup, cut their hair short, smoked, drank, and loved to dance. During this time, women wore rings they bought themselves on any finger. However, they never put them on their left ring finger as they believed that it was reserved for their wedding ring.

Invention of Cocktails and Cocktail Parties

Though the alcohol was banned during the Prohibition Era, it did not stop party-goers from bootlegging and organizing dances. The low-quality alcohol led to the creation of cocktails. These cocktails were served during the parties. In such events, you could see women in glamorous dresses and accessories. The most common cocktail rings were made from gemstones like sapphires and emeralds set in gold or platinum.

Standard Dressing Accessory

As cocktail parties became more common in the 1950s and 1960s, people who usually attend them have made their own culture. It was customary for women to dress up and wear cocktail rings. This time, however, the rings were also worn on restaurants and nights at the opera. In other words, they had become a common accessory, much like earrings and necklaces.

Power Dressing in the 80s

Cocktail rings got lost in fashion trends in the 1970s. However, they had made a comeback a decade later. This time, they became an accessory for power dressing. Women wore them anytime, whether it’s day or night. The bold ring meant that a woman was not boring. They were colorful, extrovert, and attention-grabbing. Sometimes, they would even wear these statement rings on all their fingers.

A Staple in Jewelry Brands

Now, you can find cocktail rings in almost any jewelry brand. Usually, cocktails are designed with sparkle and brilliance. They have faceted stones, gems, or pearls. They also come in different textures. With so many choices, it’s impossible not to find one that will suit your taste. Some of the biggest cocktail ring designers are Andrew Geoghegan and Erica Courtney.

Final Thoughts

Cocktail rings have a relatively long and meaningful history. Wear them in cocktail parties, which is primarily their purpose, or sport them during a meet-up with friends. The good thing about these accessories is that they can make any outfit look extravagant. They go well with any kind of clothing as long as you pick the right ring design. So what are you waiting for? Buy one of this statement piece of jewelry now!

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