What To Get Kids: 6 Gift Ideas Any Child Will Love

Kids love toys, especially getting new toys.  However, there is a bit of pressure involved for those who buy the gifts.  Moms, dads, relatives, and friends of the family rack their brains thinking of great gifts for kids.  Here are a number of ideas and a few toys you may want to play with too.

Birthday Gift Ideas for New babies

3D Pen

Adults may know about 3D printers and the amazing things that they can produce.  Also, adults were limited as young children to stay on the page.  Today’s kids have technology on their side.  This 3D pen literally makes creations leap off the page.  Kids can craft animals, structures, fictional creatures, etc.  The possibilities are limitless.  Plus, there are over eighty colors to choose from.

Kinetic Sand

Kids love making sandcastles at the beach or in the sandbox at the park.  It’s a shame that they can’t take the sand with them into the home to continue the fun.  Oh wait, they can with Kinetic Sand.  A ‘secret’ element keeps the sand together so kids can craft a number of creations without making a mess in the process.  This toy is made for kids over the age of 3.

Tabletop Games

Some toys never go out of style.  Tabletop games have been around for generations.  Some toys are pretty simple and kids get bored quickly.  However, games can be played over and over and involve moms, dads, friends, and family members too.

Ice Cream Truck Tent

Adults remember having to make ordinary boxes into space ships, trucks, hideouts…whatever they could think up.  However, today’s kids don’t need the help of a box to imagine having their own ice cream truck.  This tent serves as a miniature ‘ice cream truck.’  Kids can pretend to be the vendor or the patrons.  Get involved, crawl in, and serve up ice cream to your favorite little ones.  You know you want to play too!

Giant Bowling

What’s better than an ordinary-sized bowling ball and pins?  Giant sized pins are much better!  The pins are a whopping 29 inches tall, which makes bowling a lot of fun and much safer than the real thing.  Don’t worry about having to blow-up the pieces; the set comes with a dual-action pump.

Sumo Suits

Kids inevitably cause a raucous and love to wrestle, play fight, etc.  However, parents get anxious because they don’t want to deal with injuries or hurt feelings.  Blow up sumo suits are a zany and safe way for kids to get a little rough without parents needing to worry about injuries and accidents.  The suits are goofy looking enough to keep kids and onlookers giggling and cushy enough so kids can bang into one another and fall without getting hurt.

You won’t have to fret about getting a great gift for the kids in your life.  Whether they’re athletic, brainy, goofy, or picky, kids will be more than pleased with one or more of the above suggestions.  They might even let you play too!

Taylor Collier works at a toy store, and as a Dad of four, he often advises customers on suitable toys and games. In his spare time he writes for parenting blogs on a range of topics


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