Why are Cat Memes so Popular? Here’s Why We All Enjoy Cat Memes

Cats have unique personalities – anyone who has ever been a cat owner – or ‘hooman’ – knows this. They exist for their own pleasure, and are known for being selfish yet affectionate, grumpy yet loving, and feisty yet fiercely protective. Cats are lovable creatures, despite their ‘faults.’ And if you are a genuine cat lover, then you probably love seeing those cat memes that abound on the Internet. But why are cat memes so popular? Here’s why we all enjoy cat memes.

The anxious cat

Cats can look different in different situations, and their faces can be quite expressive. Take the ‘anxious cat.’ Anxious or nervous-looking cats are quite funny, and, when a genius decided to post an image of an anxious cat on social media, we never looked back. A cat meme called ‘Anxiety Cat’ has been around for ages, and it still hasn’t gotten old. Today, there are hundreds of ‘Anxiety Cat’ memes on the web, and what makes them funnier are those captions that accompany them, usually with the words ‘panic’ or ‘scared.’

The scary cat

There’s another cat meme making the rounds of the Internet: the scary cat. This cat meme actually originated from the meme ‘The Ceiling Cat,’ with a cat looking out from a hole in the ceiling. The meme is a funny one because it features a cat with a scary, on-the-verge-of-pouncing look, peeking out from the ceiling and checking out whatever it is you’re doing. So if you’re up to no good, know this – “Ceiling cat is watching you!” as the meme often says.

The grumpy or angry cat

Cats normally don’t look too happy – but some of them can really look grumpier than most. This is the case with the grumpy or angry cat, which we now know is a cat named Tardar Sauce (what a cute name). The Internet quickly went crazy for angry or grumpy cat, which was shown with a distinctive frown on its face, making it look angry or disgruntled about something. And when the image started being accompanied by funny texts such as “I had fun once. It was awful.” That’s when the angry or grumpy cat’s popularity was sealed.

The contemplative cat

The contemplative cat, also known as the ‘I should buy a boat’ cat, was first introduced in a Bjork video, but it was only when a user on Reddit used a screenshot of the cat on the video holding a newspaper with the text ‘I should buy a boat’ did the meme become popular. Soon after, the meme came accompanied by other texts and captions, such as ‘I should begin a cult’ and even ‘I should buy a human,’ which made it even funnier.

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Image attributed to Maxim Weise/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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