Will He Get You the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Ask a lot of women and they will tell you that getting their engagement ring was a special day in their lives.

With that being the case, are you expecting to have your guy propose to you at any time now? If so, will you have a major say in what kind of ring he buys you?

For some women, being along for the ring selection is an important part of the process. Sure, they will end up knowing what kind of engagement ring he’s going to get them, but isn’t that the point? Picking out something they want and will cherish is important for countless ladies.

So, will he end up getting you the perfect engagement ring?

What Feedback Should You Give Him?

So that your entire engagement process goes as smooth as can be, here are a few tips to remember:

1. Ring

The most important item of course for many women is the ring.

Whether you end up going with a Moissanite or other great selection, be sure that you’ve shopped around.

An example of this is using the Internet to do some browsing. In some cases, you might even find the ring of your dreams through a jeweler’s website. If so, don’t hesitate to say that is the one if you like it.

In visiting different jeweler’s and their shops, look for the following:

· History – What kind of history does the jeweler have? Are they new on the block or have been around for decades? Although there are some fine new jewelry shops, one with years’ of experience usually is a good choice.

· Service – Saying that customer service is important is a great understatement. From shopping and buying, to follow-up sizing and cleaning, you want top-notch service. Get a sense of the customer service with each jeweler you visit.

· Pricing – Sure, a ring is going to set your guy back a fair amount of money, but that doesn’t mean don’t look for deals. Along with those deals, make sure you find a jeweler who is not all about high pressure. Buying an engagement ring is a big step in relationship. Remember, neither of you need any pressure in the process.

2. Proposal

If most women are honest, they note the proposals received ran the gamut from romantic to average.

With that in mind, it is important that you not put too much pressure on your guy about this matter. Sure, a romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day or your birthday etc. would be awesome. That said he may propose to you at a family event, while on vacation, on a “regular” date night.

No matter what the proposal entails, be sure to appreciate the moment.

Remember, you are starting out on an adventure that can lead to a wonderful lifetime together.

3. Wedding

Once you have your engagement ring, the time to start thinking about the wedding has arrived.

Well, yes, there are some couples that do not rush to plan a wedding because she has her ring. For one reason or another, they may hold off on wedding talk for a time.

If the both of you are not ready to start planning the wedding, there is nothing wrong with that. While you may get some pressure from loved ones and friends, always remember that this is about the two of you.

As special as the ring and the proposal are, making sure you get your futures on the same page is the key.

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