Winning the Waiting Game: Android Apps to Make Your Daily Downtime More Meaningful

It’s a simple fact of life that at some point throughout your day, you find yourself waiting for something. Whether you’re waiting in line at the bank, stuck in traffic or reading magazines in a waiting room, chances are that you will find yourself with some downtime almost every day.


Since waiting is pretty much inevitable, why not make the most of it when it happens? You can take the opportunity to get some work done or catch up on some small task that you’ve been putting off. And since you have your smartphone with you anyway, you can use some apps to help you. Here’s a few apps that may help you make your downtime a little more meaningful.


Automatic Call Recorder for Me


This call recording app is a great way to store important information without having to take notes, and you can use your downtime to listen to conversations again. This is especially helpful if you have a big project for work looming and you need to make sure you get everything right.


The Call Recorder for Me app lets you record conversations to phone from any of your contact numbers so you can review them again in the future. You can bookmark important parts of the conversation so you can find them again easily and you can search through all of your recordings by contact number. You can also tab really important phone calls for easy access.


Each recording requires a PIN to access, so only you and others that you trust can listen to them. You can also share the conversations with other if you’d like so everyone’s on the same page.


Podcast & Radio Addict


Podcasts are a great way to pass the time and, if you find ones that you really like, you can even learn something while you’re waiting around.


The app boasts over 10 million episodes of over 400,000 different podcasts, so you should have no trouble at all finding one on a subject that interests you. You can stream any episode or you can download it to your phone for future listening.


You can also stream nearly 20,000 different radio stations, so if you just want to listen to some music, you can do that, too.


This or That


Everyone needs a game or two on their phone to pass the time, and this little game is a fun way to compare your answers with others who use the app.


The game is simple: it will ask you if you’d rather do one thing or another. For instance, it may ask you if you’d like to “read quickly but need to read everything three times to remember, or if you’d rather read very slowly but remember everything.” You then post your answers and see who agrees and disagrees with you. It’s a fun, straightforward game.


Next time you’re waiting around, try these apps to pass the time or to get some work done.


Alfie Hargreaves writes articles about how he uses technology to make his life easier. His articles appear on tech, lifestyle and a range of other blogs.

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