You Don’t Need a Big Show When Making a Proposal

Flash mobs have been becoming more popular lately. A lot of guys have gone through the trouble of organising their proposal in public. Some others even decide to make proposals on live television. This is why we have also seen a lot of them being rejected in public, and it is extremely embarrassing.

There is nothing wrong in making this type of proposal. It is a way of telling the world that you are proud of her. You want to take the risk even if you know that there is always a 50% chance of getting a no from her. After all, it is your proposal. You control the events.

The best option at the end of the day though is still a private proposal. You are proposing to her and not to the world. You want to get her approval and hers alone. If you want to publicly declare your love for her, you can do it later on.

You can invite your friends to come over for a post-proposal party. You can visit your family members and tell them about your plans to get married. You can post on social media your new status. There are tons of ways for you to show to the world just how happy you are that you are soon getting married. The actual proposal should remain as a private ceremony involving just the two of you.

What you need

If you want to make this a successful proposal, you only need her and a special place for the two of you. It can be a private dinner where no one else is around. It can also be in a special setting which is memorable for the two of you. As long as you think the place is perfect for your plan to propose to her, it is worth the shot.

After planning the venue of the proposal, you need to have the best engagement ring. You want her to feel special. She can’t say no to a beautiful engagement ring. If possible, it should be a nice diamond engagement ring with her name engraved on it. You should also check the cut and colour to see if they fit her well. You need to know her attitude too, so that you can find out which engagement ring would suit her. There are many choices available if you check out

Once everything is set, you can propose to her. Although everything is perfect, anything can happen. You have to prepare for all possibilities. You just have to be optimistic though. If you have done everything to make it a perfect event, you can only hope for the best. Again, the goal is to win her heart more than anything else.

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